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It was a long dry summer. The hot sun made the old loaches in the fields turn white. The b~~嗨,你对上面的句子感兴趣吗?我们的编辑特意搜集并整理了夏天英文句子唯美简短精选72句,供大家参考借鉴,希望可以帮助到有需要的朋友。


2、After the rain, a rainbow appears in the blue sky. There are seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, which overlap layer by layer and reflect each other. It is like a golden bridge, lying across the sky. It is magnificent and dazzling.

3、The trees beside the road are lush and green. Cicadas sing in unison. They seem to be boasting about their seasons.


5、Walking on the road, the wind coming like a heat wave attacks。走在路上,迎面的风似热浪扑来。


7、Although the hot sun has not yet shone directly, the sand beside the road has shown a timid light. The grass could not stand the sun, and slowly dropped its leaves. Only the fish in the pond are not afraid of the heat and swim freely in the water near the trees on the bank.

8、The sun was burning in the sky, and on both sides of the road, the mature grains were bending down and lowering their heads in the heat. Grasshoppers are as numerous as leaves of grass. In the wheat and rye fields, in the reeds on the bank, they make a faint and noisy sound.

9、In summer, when you look lazily out of the window, you can see the suffocating hot sun baking the already hot road. Although the lawn is green, there is no trace of spirit. It is not as comfortable as the withered and yellow weeds in winter.


11、Summer is a rich and colorful season. Many people have worked hard and given their precious lives for this short and brilliant summer. I havent tasted the taste of summer yet, but I have already felt it, and I am trying to get ready for it. The short beautiful and mediocre life.


13、Although summer is not as gentle as spring, morning. Neither is it cool in autumn, nor pure in winter, but it has its own beauty.

14、Some of the fallen leaves are like a boat sailing in the wind, some are like acrobats tumbling down, and some are like gliders circling down in circles.

15、Dream is like you have it,youcan not show it to everyone you meet.

16、however, spring summer autumn and winter, they are always in a white coat.不论,春夏秋冬,他们,总穿着白大褂。

17、The fragrance of these flowers, like the smell of scallions and garlic, is a plant smell and has a meat feeling, like venting from the hair at the summer dance party.


19、The willows in the street seemed to be sick. The leaves were hanging with dust on the branches, and the branches did not move. The street was white, and the small vendors did not dare to shout. The plexiglass signboard at the door of the store seemed to have been suntanned.

20、Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away.夏天的飞鸟,飞到我的窗前唱歌,又飞去了。

21、The course of true love never did run smooth. (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1)真爱无坦途。 ——《仲夏夜之梦》/真诚的爱情之路永不会是平坦的。摘自出国留学网。

22、It was midsummer, the wind was gentle, and the moon rose to the east mountain. Although there were no magpies on the old locust tree, cicadas kept singing and frogs in the pond made loud noises.

23、In early summer, all kinds of wild flowers bloom, red, purple, pink and yellow, like bright spots embroidered on a large green carpet; Swarms of bees are busy in the flowers, sucking on the stamens and diligently flying around.

24、The summer heat, which people can not avoid, is really a headache, whether you walk on the road under the scorching sun or have entered the shadow of trees and houses; Whether in the morning or in the evening, the heat of that summer day is always with you and around you. Its really annoying.

25、The background of the cover of the diary is sky blue, and several bright stars are shining on the sky blue background. If you look at these stars and the background together, it will be like the starry sky on that summer night.

26、Look at this little flower. Two sky blue petals stretch, two thin stamens rise high, and the pale yellow stamen head shakes slightly, much like a dancing butterfly.

27、The cherry tree was planted in the garden. Every spring, it is full of beautiful flowers. Every summer, the whole tree is full of fruit. The taste is different from the local cherry. It is very sweet, like a honeycomb filled with honey.

28、The air is cool. I paddle a boat slowly across the sea of memory. I forget the time, but I remember the past

29、In summer, especially lush vegetation, holly leaves shiny shiny, elm tree with luxuriant foliage, give people put up a thick green shade.夏天,草木特别茂盛,冬青树的叶子油亮油亮的,老榆树枝繁叶茂,给人们撑起了一片浓浓的绿阴。




33、Summer is a flexible young man. He came to replace Miss Chun. Miss Chun said goodbye to us quietly with light steps. People were reluctant to part with her. They saw off Miss Chun and welcomed Xia Xiaoxiao.

34、Suddenly, the sound of birds interrupted my reverie. I looked up and saw that it was a group of birds playing. Cicadas, birds, bees, butterflies, flowers and plants constitute a beautiful picture; The sound of birds singing, reading and singing is like an ensemble of summer symphonies


36、Walking in the garden, the little pink flowers appear in front of us, graceful and graceful. Oh, summer is pink!

37、Lying on the mat, I feel like an iron beef fillet.

38、That day, it was so hot. As soon as the sun came out, there was a fire on the ground. Some gray air, like clouds but not clouds or fog, floated low in the air, making people feel suffocated.

39、In early summer, pomegranate flowers gradually open, green leaves lining red flowers, very beautiful. Looking from afar, it looks like a burning fire, and like the red sunset rising at dusk.

40、One summer night, the stars twinkled in the sky, and bursts of cool wind dispelled the waste heat of the day. The earth was silent.


42、There was no cloud at noon. There was a scorching sun and no wind overhead. All the trees stood there listlessly and lazily.


44、After the charming spring, we have ushered in the vigorous summer, which is so colorful and brilliant. This summer is very beautiful. It inherits the vitality of spring, contains the maturity of autumn, and shows the spirit of summer.

45、The whole city is like a thoroughly burnt brick kiln, which makes people gasp for breath. The dog lay on the ground with its bright red tongue, and the nostrils of the mule and horse were very wide.

46、stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away. and yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and fall there with a sign.夏天的飞鸟,飞到我的窗前唱歌,又飞去了。秋天的黄叶,它们没有什么可唱,只叹息一声,飞落在那里。


48、Summer, everywhere, look! The peach tree in front of my house has already produced rich and full peaches. Those peaches made people drool at the sight. They were also tinged with pink on the sharp corner. They looked like a shy little girl, blushing with shame. They were very beautiful.



51、From the top of the head, the gray blue dome gradually fades down, and becomes a light blue smoke bordering the horizon.





56、Every story has an in life, every end is a new beginning.




60、Age wrinkles the wrinkles the soul.






66、Summer is coming and the sun is burning. The farmer uncle still had to mow and harvest in the scorching sun, and the children did not show weakness. The whole family was busy with ramie.


68、Summer is coming. Who told you? Oh, it turned out to be big round green watermelons. The watermelon is also inlaid with dark green patterns, which looks like a globe reflecting each other from a distance. Take a bite, its sweet, let peoples mouth flow to the skirt all at once.

69、After class, in the hot and dry air, the school is full of books and a strong smell of books everywhere. After class, not many people will sit quietly in the classroom. The playground is full of people running games. The cheering and playing sound condenses into one, and the students are sweating.



72、It was a long dry summer. The hot sun made the old loaches in the fields turn white. The brook near the village was several inches lower, and the stones exposed on the water became larger steeply.